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Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
That is some class right there!!
Tell me about it. I wish I bought it a month ago so I could ride it around for Halloween.

Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
So a question on the CB you sold to get this bike. I jsut finsihed reading the build and on the last page you jsut come out with the fancy yellow fairing and body panels. Did you have them all along? You mentioned that the previous woner was good with fiberglass, did he make that stuff and jsut could not get the mechanics/electronics sorted out?
Yes, and yes. The fairings where the only reason I bought the project. The PO owned Morse Racing (now defunct) which made race bike body kits. He really knew what he was doing when it came to fiberglass and paint, but he was no mechanic.

Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
NExt question. Did you even get that NX turbo project running? Or was that scrapped.
I always questioned the particular model turbo that I was using on that bike. I eventually realized that I was going to have so much time and money invested into that bike that I really needed to put the proper turbo on it, but I didn't have the money for it so I parked it on the back porch. Now I have the money, but I have so many other higher priority builds that it just sits there. I really want to finish it and I'm sure I will, I just hope it's sooner rather than later.
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