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Originally Posted by csustewy View Post
This is the first time I've posted anything to this effect, so I guess it's finally sinking in for me, but I doubt the TA will make it back to the states with us. Not that she couldn't, it's just that it won't make sense economically. The way I see it is that riding back is out of the question (we will still have the time, what we won't have is the money). Shipping her back would likely cost about US$2000 all said and done. Then I would end up spending a lot of time and money fixing her up, which would be enjoyable, but costly on a bike that wouldn't be worth much more than US$2000 once improved. So... I am starting to consider options of how to sell her somewhat legally down here in South America. Bikes are worth a lot down here (for instance, a low mileage 89 TA was listed for around US$7000 recently in Argentina, however, this is one of the most strict countries for imports...). It will be a sad day to part with our trusty TA, but it's what's most likely to happen. Let me know if you know if any potential buyers in the southern cone...
Certainly understand the economics of trying to bring the TA home vs selling it there, just hate to see another one leave the US for good since there are so few here to begin with . I would think maybe selling it to some other traveler who wanted to come over and take possession and do a south to north trip might be an option. The HUBB might be a better place to find someone like that.

I suspect you're going to be in SA for quite a bit longer so this wouldn't work, but The Two Kiwis ( just had a bad crash and it sounds like Ellen has no plans to ride again (they each had their own bike), so they are now contemplating trying to find a bigger bike in Mexico to continue their ride. If the timing worked, maybe they could finish up CA on their current one bike and then fly down to SA and continue on your TA. Just a thought.

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