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I've stealth camped all over the US, up to Alaska and back, all over the Rockies and everywhere that bears like to be. I've also spent a couple of weeks backpacking through Glacier National Park, and have encountered bears a couple of times.

The fact is that bears really don't like being around people and will usually flee from humans. 95% of the time when someone is mauled by a bear, there are extenuating circumstances involved (like they were following it trying to get pictures or they'd rubbed themselves down with bacon beforehand). The other 4.99% of the time, they accidentally startled a bear while hiking or something.

There are the very rare freak incidents where a bear flips it's shit and destroys a campsite, but these are SO VERY RARE that you hear about it on the news. You've got a FAR better chance of getting hit by lightening.

Don't be a dumbass, keep your food stuff away from the tent, don't sneak up on them trying to get a picture, and you'll be fine.

I like carrying bear spray; I'm not sold on having some giant penis-compensating canon of a firearm with me. I don't want to kill the thing, I just want it to go away, and I think in some states there's a huge fine for killing a bear even if it was in self-defense. And having a firearm may limit where you can travel through and camp (Legalities vary on them from state to state and park to park, I haven't looked into it). Besides, when I stumble out of my tent at 2am and there's some vague black shape poking around my dark campsite, I prefer the "fuck up anything within 20 feet" approach rather than firing blindly around hoping that I score a critical hit.
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