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Recent bear attack in BC - what not to do...

I was following this thread a couple days back and then coincidentally saw this article in our newspaper today.

Short version is that a couple stumbled upon a grizzly and they were lucky that they made it out alive.

The article mentions it, but they didn't really focus on it, but everything they did wrong has been mentioned in previous posts...

This was all in notable bear country:

1) Hiking along a creek
2) Dense brush
3) Surprised a mama bear with at least 1 cub
4) The bears had a fresh kill they were eating.

The bear turned on them, the couple managed to make it to a road and get help. They had cuts/bites all over their bodies and were flown to hospital but it doesn't sound like it's life threatening.

Let's be clear, we should never take unnecessary risks but this couple did everything wrong and survived an "attack" (I'm saying "attack" as it was defensive, not predatory). If that bear wanted them dead, they would be.

The conservation officers will not track and destroy the bear as they considered it to be normal bear behaviour, and not a vicious attack.

I hope they have a speedy recovery, physically and mentally.
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