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I grew up riding, even though no one in my family rode. It was something that called to me at a very early age. Honestly, I feel more alive, confident, and at home on a bike than anywhere else.

That being said, when my wife got pregnant with our first, she asked (She did not order me) if I would give up riding until our child was grown. To give a little frame of reference, my wife worked trauma for a large hospital and had to deal with unspeakable injuries from riders and drivers on a daily basis.

I said I would because I really did, and always have, known the risks involved with motorcycling. Two more kids followed and when my kids became older teenagers, I asked my wife if she would be comfortable with me getting back into motorcycling. I was 43 at the time. She understood how much it meant to me and appreciated the sacrifice I made for the sake of our family.

I'm 51 now and have spent the last 8 years making up for lost time. Once motorcycling is in your blood, in your spirit, it is very difficult to not heed the call. And it called to me everyday I didn't ride.

I know my wife still isn't comfortable with me riding and I know she worries a tremendous amount. I don't think she can push away the memories of putting broken bodies back together, or watching them die on the OR table. But, she loves me and she knows that it is part of me. Compromise is a large part of being married.
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