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Well I have just seen and sat on the 1190R and the standard bikes at the UK show, I was hoping to get to Milan but unfortunately work got in the way

Anyway as a fully committed 990 owner, (I had the S before I got my R) I am very impressed, so much so that I am buying one.

The standard bike looks nice enough and well thought out and will I think be a great road touring machine; one that will easily cope with gravel fire roads and the gentle off road stuff. I also think it will help bring in new riders to KTM, perhaps those that don't want to follow the GS herd anymore. But for me it is just not 'KTM' enough - I can't define that, but it looks a little bland and similar to other adventure bike offerings - that said I still think it will beat other bikes in the comparison tests that will start appearing in the bike magazines next year. It looks very accomplished but has somehow lost the 'edgy Red Bullness' that KTMs are famed for

The 'R' version though is something else and very much what KTM is about - it feels and looks like my enduro bike with the thicker handlebars and the fantastic orange frame.

In terms of ergonomics, when you stand on the pegs, it feels natural and that you could easily steer with your knees which are closer together than on my 990. I can also get the balls of my feet on the floor (5' 10" and 31 inch inseam) as opposed to my tip toes on the 990, which feels better. Also the seat feels more supportive, but only a 2 hour ride would confirm that.

I think it is a natural development of what we have been used to and something that has not lost its Dakar heritage or kudos. The KTM staff on the stand had ridden the pre-production models and praised the power delivery and massively improved braking compared to the 990 - something we all know could have been better.

It will need the Powerparts alloy bash plate and the Akra exhaust, I would also change the sprockets to something better, and the front mudguard would look better in white, but these are minor niggles.

It is a bike that is there to be used and abused; if you are ruled by your head then get the standard bike - you won't be disappointed and your wife, partner or special friend will say that looks like a nice sensible bike.

But if you are ruled by your heart then the 'R' version is for you and a whole new world of adventure awaits.....................
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