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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
Would anyone be interested in buying or trading for a pair of Happy Trails Teton Panniers, 9.5" models, black powdercoat? Include the pucks and all hardware to mount to the rack, but not the rack itself... although I do have a rack currently on Meredith's Strom that probably won't get used anymore so possibly the bags and rack for a pre-2011 650 Strom...

I was gonna use them on the Yamaha but the straight backwall boxes look like rape on the left side of the bike where the exhaust is. I'm more of a minimalist anyway so I can really make do with just a decent sized duffel bag strapped to the rack.

Not sure of a price, really. Offers entertained. New the whole ensemble was around $600 and that was on sale.

Things I suppose I might want would include Wolfman waterproof duffel bag/s, a MotoFizz - Aerostich bag, moto gear in an XL top or 38" x 32" bottoms, XL hi viz helmet, that sort of thing....

This is a sorta recent shot with them, they currently are destickered and have a reflective triangle pattern on the sides and back (not shown).
How about trading for an Action Packer
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