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Originally Posted by outsidein View Post
I own a Profile and and have tried the Shoei RF-1100 and highly disagree with this statement. The Profile is made for those with a long and narrow head (long oval). Most Shoei's have a rounder shape and fit those with round heads optimally - the opposite of long oval. When I tried on a Shoei RF1100 I had a pressure points on my forehead and back of head and all kinds of room at the sides. These two helmets are on the opposite ends of the fitment spectrum.

Arai now makes the Signet-Q for long oval heads. The Bell RS-1 fits like an intermediate oval helmet and may work on a LO head. Shark make some helmets for a narrower head. Check WebBikeWorld helmet shape guide.

First off, you have nothing to disagree with. I simply stated my own experience. And since you have no damned way to know what my experience has been, what exactly are you disagreeing with? I donít know what RF 1100 you tried but it sure as hell wasnít the one I have.

Iím becoming very suspicious of the quality control/consistency of the helmet liners out there; including the premium brands. A lot of guys have successfully switched from the Profile to Signet Q. But when my GF and I (both long time Profile users) bought a couple (to take advantage of the wider eye port, which is substantial) we found that size-for-size our foreheads were being crushed. Sent them back.

I had a Shark RSI, which fit my long narrow noggin splendidly, for many years. When the interior became so stinky I couldnít stand it any longer I ordered a new set of guts in the same size. Which made the very same helmet fit all caddywampus on my head.

I generally respect the guys at Webbikeworld but Iím being forced to the conclusion that the opinions theyíre stating regarding helmet shapes are a function just exactly which helmet example they got their hands on.

From now on, when itís new helmet time Iím going to a retailer, trying on what they have and, if I find one I like, Iíll take that one home. Not one ďjust like itĒ. Not the same model ordered in a different color. The one I just had on my head and no other.
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