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Originally Posted by OHjim View Post
JD - Do you know what the length (eye to eye) and travel is for the R1 shock? I searched the thread but couldn't find it. Also I know you changed to a 900 lb/in spring but do you know what the OEM rate is?

the R1 is just slightly longer, maybe 10mm, with about a 7mm longer stroke which yields about 6.5" of travel...except it's not usable since the tire will contact the fender liner first. the tire will hit the liner with the OEM shock too if the shock is bottomed.

the OEM Versys spring is 16kg/mm or 895#. i replaced it with the 900# custom spring, or 16.1kg/mm.

i think guys swapping in the R1 tend to use a spring that's a little too light for gravel road use, or any other condition where there might be a load on the bike.
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