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Originally Posted by KJD19892 View Post
Now I'm going to have to buy a droid....great. lol
This app looks amazing, and I've been needing a new phone so this might be the time for me to do it. :)
Not sure what carrier your with but we are out in rural Oregon and use US Cellular. Not saying they are good but they have towers out in the middle of nowhere around here. For the most part, get to a high spot and we'll have something. So I ended up with the new Motorola Electrify M, so far so good! I will not be mounting my phone on the bars and for the most part it will live in a vest pocket or tank bag. It will be a back up to GPS units and good old paper maps! I think the one thing that really got me was the weather radar overlay on the Dual Sport Maps app. The one thing that I would love to add a app for now is a weather satellite image. I added the eWeather HD app but it also only has radar but tons of weather info!
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