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Originally Posted by kaisan View Post
Yah brand new carb rubbers,Plug is wet with gas,but just doesnt want to fire.Even took the exaust off figured it was pluged.
What else could I check?
Did you put the new rubbers on before or after the carb kit? If after, try putting the stock jets back in. The bike should run OK stock, it will just be lean which it definitely isn't right now.

If you aren't messing with the exhaust, or intake for better flow, the only adjustment really needed to the carb is to the pilot needle so that it will start easy.
Yes, the carb can be jetted to run better, but you need to get it running and then only make one change at a time. To get it running, stock settings should work

It isn't that hard to check the timing so that might be a good place to look next. Carefully remove the stator cover(you may be able to save the gasket since it runs dry). Remove the valve cover. Line up the timing marks per the manual.

Originally Posted by Lenz1 View Post
Perhaps the Clymer manual lost something in the translation
Could have. wouldn't be the first thing messed up in the clymer.
Once I finally got mine adjusted, I took a measurement and wrote it down so I wouldn't have to go through it all again if I somehow knocked it out of adjustment.
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