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I gave it up when my first was born 5 years ago. Had a Ducati and KTM 950, both of those before I dated my wife. I loved the long trips, the ADV rallies type riding. Well. with a new infant that ain't happening. I bought a KTM 525 as a placemarker in the garage but never rode it (never really rode dirtbikes) and sold it.

I got back into bikes by building them. My wife was pissed off at first because she thought she had rid her life of bikes forever But I could never say never. I did make a conscious effort to back off the long trips, more to be fair to her and the kids than fear of getting hurt.

I bought a new dirt bike last year and find I enjoy that a lot. Good exercise, good skill building. I actually hurt myself much more everytime I go out, but since I'm not talented enough to go fast it's usually bumps and bruises.

I still take my street bikes out and rip around but days off riding I'm usually in the woods riding with buddies. Much more comradery and BSing with the guys helmets off, challenging. I also like the wheelies, jumps etc.

I did one big street ride this spring from PA to NC and back in 4 days. It rained for 3. The one day it was sunny and beautiful I was in boone NC headed to the dragon to meet up with friends and I had one of THOSE days. You all know what I mean. The roads were perfect, cherry blossoms out, temp perfect no traffic, heaven.

My wife insisted on serious life insurance (I have 2 million policy plus I had to make her a partner in my corp). It's a big nut every month but screw it. I would be a miserable prick if I didn't have some outlet.

Try woods riding if you can. Good way to get the thrills without the fear of getting smacked by a car and easier to sell the wife on.
We're not out here to rough it. We're here to smooth it. Things are rough enough in town.

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