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Originally Posted by sorebutt View Post
I find that Microsoft Streets does a pretty decent job. Plus I put the routes in my GPS. I break the routes into small segments that I change each day.
Good feedback. The $39 price point and downloadable software for Streets might make a web application more attractive.

Originally Posted by Walterxr650l View Post
Nope I wouldn't use it. I only use google maps to give me a rough idea of the length of a proposed trip. From that I decide if how long of a time slot is needed. Actual rout planning is done with paper maps on the road and at rest stops.

Thanks for the comments, Walter. I like your analog style

Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Your idea does show some weaknesses in current route planning software that you could address. But it doesn't seem strong enough idea to build a whole new application around. If you could layer it on top of Google Maps or another mapping product such that the full functionality of underlying product is still accessible and your super-route planning stuff elegantly overlays, then maybe you'd have something. But I'm not enough of a mapping web application guy to know if this is possible.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that whatever you base it on could add your functionality to their product at anytime and undercut you.

I guess I'm saying you've got a good mapping feature idea, but not a good new mapping application idea.

Take a good look at Streets and Trips which has layover capability. I never used the feature, but it may already be able to do what you are envisioning.

- Mark
Hi Mark, I had planned to use the Google Maps API has the framework. You're right though - it may be a good feature but not substantial enough to be an application. Thanks for your thoughts.
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