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Early start today. Breakfast at the bakery and then off to hit some back roads. Already hot at 7:00 am.

This is the main street (only street) in town. To the north is Santa Teresa and to the south is Mal Pais. Dust control is a garden hose. It helps a little. Back track a little and catch the road to Rio Negro. Typical gravel road but not as rough as others. When I say rough I mean bounce the shit out of you no matter how fast or slow you go.. Yesterdays road to Montezuma was more technical which I prefer. Anyway along the road we ran into our first cowboy.

Finally turned onto a single lane road and the riding got better.

Finally got to our first river crossing.

Now guys this is where you need your wife along.

I offered but she went. When she was about half way accross I remembered those crocs we saw a couple days before. Sure would have missed her.

Once on the other side it was easy to see the bottom and see the best line. After this crossing they all were smaller but there must have been about ten all together. Great fun and great road.

As we pulled up to an entersection where we needed to turn for Zopote another bike came up from behind. I knew which way to go but he wanted to give his assistance. Turns out he lived in South Dakota for 6 months as an exchange student once. Nice guy and he sugested we catch the main highway at Jaricaol. He foolwed us for awhile until we stopped for pictures.

There he goes.

Once on the highway it was mostly farm country but still great scenery. At one point we stopped for construction work and they put Tammy to work. We has to carry the flag to the other end so they knew we were the last vehicle. Later at another construction site while stopped one by one guys came out of the ditch at the side of the road trying to sell snacks and drinks. Must have been about six of em.

This is the bridge that crosses the northern end of the Golf of Nicoya. After that is was a short ride to the Pan American highway and down to 145 and headed to Monteverde for the night. After a few km on 145 we passed through a town and started climbing into the cloud forest. The road starts out blacktop and extremely windy. I was having so much fun it was hard to stop for pictures and when I did it was usually sudden and poor Tammy kept head butting me. Sorry dear. So far this is the best scenery I've seen in ages. I'm tempted not to post the pictures just so you all have to come see it yourself. Anyway here they are.

After awhile the road turned to dirt and rocks and the going slowed down quite a bit. It seemed like forever to go a few kilometers but the views were great so it wasn't bad. Once in Monteverde we found our hotel, freshened up and headed for lunch. This resteraunt will look familar to anyone who has read a few RRs from CR.

After lunch we headed for the coffee plantation tour. Found out it was 30 bucks a piece and if I'm spending 60 bucks for coffee it's going to be on coffee I can drink. Headed back tyo the hotel instead and signed up for a nught hike to see nocturnal critters. Heres just a few.

Yellow sided pit viper.

Sorry cant remeber thid guys name but cool looking bird.

Great tour and our guide was great also.

Short ride tomorrow around the lake to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano so we're going take our time getting going tomorrow. Hope it's clear so we can see the sucker. It's cooler here than on the Pacific side and it's rained some. So far weathers been ok, hope it holds out a few more days.

See ya tomorrow.

Pura Vida
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