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- reliable: I am a newbie and I don't want to spend time/money in the shop. I like the SV because the engine is largely bulletproof.
- offroad capable: I'm not going over rock gardens, but it really would be nice to explore those trails, rather than driving past them
- two-up power: the wife and I combined are about 360 pounds and she is 5' 10 (I am 6'). I don't think I will be two-up more than a day or two at a time (though Mrs. Fish continues to surprise me) and more B&b/hotel than camping...
- affordable: I am loving the new Tiger 800 XC but the price is way out of my league. I am thinking $7-8k at the top end
- soul: I'm not sure how you measure it, but if you've been on a bike that has one...

I have put the Buell Ulysses on my list. I was thinking the V/Wee-strom as well, though its soul doesn't speak to me. What other bikes should I have on my list? Recommendations? Thoughts? Ideas?

Go back to your original post. Buell Ulysses.
I seriously love mine.
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