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Originally Posted by swingset

It's all hypothetical anyway, but there's got to be a reason aluminum is used in Japanese offroad bikes.

I agree more that it's rider preference. I don't care either way as long as it turns and doesn't break. Besides, a corporation will tell you anything to sell the product like when Honda said 2 mufflers on the CRF250 were better than 1 then the next year went back to 1 muffler and now doing it to the 450.

Like in cycling it may lie more in being easier and labor wise, cheaper to produce since you can cast huge chunks of it that require little to no milling, can be extruded easier, melted at lower temps. I thought I had read the Japanese Steel isn't as cheap to produce as elsewhere in the world being on an island of limited resources. That and being it was MXA magazine, I can believe it.

Oddly, the big players in the off-road, non-mx arena, Husky, KTM, GasGas, Husaberg (even pre KTM) are still using steel frames though TM has drank the cool aide.

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