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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
The Duke 390 is 373 cc, slightly larger and slightly detuned relative to the 350cc 350 EXC-F. Will the Duke mill last longer? I hope so. It is designed for the city streets in India - big and crowded. I don't have complete specs, and the 390 is built locally in India by Bajaj rather than in Austria, so the cases (and hopefully the oil capacity) may be different for what is essentially a street application. Street-bike frame, wheels, seat, subframe, etc. account for the weight increase (255 lbs. vs. 324 lbs. wet). Time will tell regarding design differences and quality on the 390.

The Freeride 350 (at 30 hp) is the Trials/trail bike cross-over version. We just need it in the USA. The only problems are a 1.5 gallon fuel tank and no rear subframe. Everyone here who wants one insists that they will make appropriate mods to make their dream non-race KTM.

Yes, 15 cm (5.9") of suspension travel for the Duke 390 is a street-bike suspension. That's half of what you are looking for? 12" of travel is a 350-EXC Enduro - just go buy one. Since all of the suspensions are WP, parts will be available to make some adjustments. How much remains to be seen, and will depend on how much you will be willing to spend. My intention is a Duke 390 with 7.5" travel, or adding about 1.5" front and rear. Stock fork tubes will be the limiting factor initially.
Most guys who say "I'll buy it just bring it on" thin out once a bike is brought over to these shores. Popping around on a de-tuned 350 single just wouldnt be that exciting.
The 1st time I rode my 530 on the street I was some more steam and this would be really neat!
Some bikes around at times
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