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Originally Posted by wilkinsonk View Post
I have to second the recommendation on the Pirelli MT43. The Dunlop 803 is made for a 148 pound trials bike, whereas the MT43 is purpose built for a full size bike. You won't get the same traction as a true trials tire (rubber compound is a little harder) but you'll still get better traction than a knobby (outside of mud) and a lot better tire life than a pure trials tire. The sidewall is stiff too to reduce the chance of pinch flats on heavier 4-stroke bikes (250s and 450s). I don't think you'll regret it. I keep the 803 on my 300 Raga and the MT43 on my WR450.

I know I don't live in Hawaii any longer but I still love following the ride reports of the Big Island crew!

- Ken
I've had good success with the 803 on both my previous WR250F and on the 200XCW hitting the trails with 4 1/2 to 7 PSI with a Tubliss rear wheel so pinches aren't an issue, I used to run a Michelin on my Trials bike.
I just need to learn to listen to myself and switch out before a long and HWY heavy DS ride, I did in 2010, 2012 I talked about it.

KTM 300 XCs and XCWs are popular bikes around the islands but I have yet to see a Berg 300 though I was gone as they were making a name for themselves so there may be some about.

The Big Island is a great place to ride, just be careful when you're invited by Gasser to help him "Break in a new trail".....
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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