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Originally Posted by johnpitts01 View Post
Bought the Montana 650
Bought 2 uSD cards
Bought the Topo and CN2013 on DVD with lifetime updates.

Havent installed anything just yet.

I thought I had it figured out:
1) Put the uSD Card in the Montana
2) Connect Montana to laptop
3) Create Garmin directory in uSD Card
4) Insert DVD to laptop.
5) Install the maps to the uSD card.
6) Repeat for second uSD card.

Now i read this:
"I assume you are loading the maps to the Montana from Basecamp."


Is there one best way to load the maps and have them available on multiple uSD cards? Or will any of these methods work?
I thought it was necessary to have a GPS device connected to the computer when you install the maps as they are locked to a single GPS device.

Am I just completely dense, or is anyone else out there also confused?

Everything you ever wanted to know about loading maps to your Garmin GPSr, but were afraid to ask, can be found here.
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