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"sport chopper" is another one I hear thrown around a lot (because I am trying to coin it).

Here is the thing that really bugs me. A chopper is an "honest" bike. You look at it and it's pretty obvious what kind of riding it is for - running up and down the main drag at strugis or daytona, eating up lots of straight line highway miles, etc. Nobody is going to mistake any kind of chopper for some excellent road burning racer in the twisties. Its the motorcycle equalivent of a lead sled.

But these new cafe racers....well they "look" fast, but really a lot of these lowered shitheaps aren't any better than your average paugho framed, 4" over forks, hardtail sportster. It's deceptive. Everything about it is meant to fool you. What I really love is all these brooklyn tools who think their cb350 handles on rails because they pancaked droped it 2". really the bike is worse off but they don't know their ass from their elbow as to what a fast riding motorcycle is like. you don't see a lot of lowered race bikes. The best car equalivent I can think of is those "pro-fairground" pro street cars that only drove on and off a trailer. looked fast, but a disappointment everywhere else.

The old addage is true - if you build it to a purpose, it will look right in the end. If you force it to look like something without considering the function you get a lot of fail in the function.
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