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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
You keep dancing around the point. If you wanna race, race. The rest is hogwash.

The reason people use strava instead of Training Peaks, the Garmin software, or even MapmyRide is they WANT people to see their results. ...just like loud pipe riders want people to look at them and think 'they're kewl.'
Who are all these thousands of 'people' whose minds you presume to know? When you make these sorts of pronouncements, does it cross your mind for even an instant that Strava leader boards display listings of hundreds of riders, and that only the ones near the very top would have anything to brag about? Do you really think that the guys in 300th or 400th place posted these results because they wanted everyone to see them? I don't know what these other software packages you mention are. I've never heard of them. Like many people, I began using Strava because other riders recommended it to me. It seems to be the most popular software of its kind. That's why we use it.

All the strava KOMs in the world don't mean diddly except for 'feel goods' and 'lookit ME!s'
The KOMs mean just as much as any other placing on the leader boards: they tell their owners what their performance level is compared to what it was a month or a year ago. There is an entirely understandable amount of pride attached to being at or near the top, but placements on the leader board are in a constant state of flux; the guy who holds the KOM today knows full well that he's only in first place because none of the riders who are faster than he is have bothered to ride that segment.

Comparing yourself to others is great IF it means something. IF its a means to an end. If you're 'racing' for yet another KOM what do you get other than 'I feel good about myself.' ?? Congratulations you're the fastest Fred.

You wanna track mileage, speed, HR, power, etc? Great. Its a good thing to do! There's sites (above) that let you compare you to you over time that aren't pseudo 'races.' After all, if you're not racing, what's it matter that you're the KOM? If there's no number on your back, its pretty well irrelevant how fast you are comparatively.

If you're 'racing' for KOMs, why not put on a number and make it a real race? Go find out where you stand IRL rather than 'racing' someone electronically. The biggest thing that bugs me is the passive aggressiveness of 'racing' without really racing that strava is perpetuating.
I find it very peculiar that all of your arguments proceed from the same unquestioned assumption that only race results 'mean anything'. Why should anyone believe that? Why do you think that racing from point A to point B is somehow more 'meaningful' when multiple riders do it simultaneously rather than when a single rider does it? What makes the former any less arbitrary than the latter? You do realize that a bicycle race is just an artificial game that someone made up, don't you? It's no more 'meaningful' than any other contrived game like basketball or soccer. The only reason you invest it with greater importance than other games is because it's something YOU happen to love doing. Blinded by your emotional investment in it, you've come to imagine that everyone who doesn't race, secretly aspires to. Put this fantasy aside for just a moment and consider that to an objective observer, bicycle racing is just as trivial as pole vaulting, bowling, or seeing who can eat the most hot dogs in an hour. None of these 'mean' anything, except to the people who think it does.
Dizave opined: Why do you care where the premises come from? They are above reproach. For all intents and purposes, you can just make up all your premises, since they can't be proven anyway. That's why we need premises.
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