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Living out here in Colorado and riding all over the west, there are few dealers of Triumph, BMW, Guzzi around. And when you get off-pavement, it gets more necessary to have reliability over-ride performance or 'good looking status'.

I totally enjoyed riding the Triumph Explorer when I took it for a long test ride a few months ago. This was one smooth riding, smooth motor, nice handling and it had a certain sense of being a really enjoyable bike.

I've enjoyed the R1200GS but with all the problems with reliability and dealers scattered throughout the west, I doubt if I'd go that route, and this included the 800GS... which I like as well... but the reliability thing is a no-go.

Getting to Guzzis... great bikes... reliability... ZERO! and Hardly any dealers, competent or otherwise out west! My neighbor's Guzzi died FOUR times in three years. Each time, TOTAL breakdown and big time towing and repair. They were happy to get rid of that unreliable beast.

This leaves me with a Super Tenere. Very nice bike, totally reliable, tons of dealers and support, rides nicely though is not as smooth or refined as the Triumph Explorer.

If I can find a low mileage S10 at a low/reasonable price, I'd buy it.

Looking at a few Wee-Stroms... ok... reliable, relatively inexpensive... lacking a little 'pizzaz'. But this can be over-looked.

I'm going to take a serious look at the Explorer XC in the spring, if I don't find a bike by then.

I've got a fine road bike for now.
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