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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
Well come on then, how did it feel after yours? Better? Different? Cheap and nasty?

You can't let that one drop and just sit there ...

And not just "it was okay". We want details.
You could feel the suspension working. Much les dive under heavy braking. And in the small village we drove thru on the test route, they wanted us to drive fast over the speedbumps. This was the most impressive with the suspension! Sure you could feel the bumps, but the bike just sort off smoothly went over them.

On the road and in the twisties, i think my "old" 1200 S feel the same as the new one with Skyhook. But then again, I`m no professional rider.
But one of the riders in my group is. He race a 1199 in the Norwegian RR Championship. He said that the MTS was surprisingly stabile and fun to ride hard

The new generation Testastretta DS engine was what impressed me the most. It run`s much more smoothly in the low rev`s. Maybe finaly they have got the low end fueling to work together with the emission requirements? I think that owner`s of this new generation MTS will not mess around and getting the fueling adjusted.. There are so much torque from before in this bike`s, so I could not feel the 5% gain the new engine got.

The new design of the windshield still sucks

But all in all, a nice and expected facelift of an 3 year old (and very good) design

More pictures from my trip to Bilbao:

Here you can see the channel were they blow air into the exhaust ports:

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