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Originally Posted by Lenz1 View Post

The manual advises the primary carbie be removed from the engine and inverted with the bowl removed prior to checking / adjustment of the float height (hard to measure the float heights without the bowl off) The implied outcome from the manual is that setting the float height correctly will produce the required fuel height of 6mm +/- 0.5mm below the metal face of the carbie body.
This is a genuinely serious question (not directed at anyone in particular). Are there places where people use "official slang" to call a carburetor a "carbie"? I know different countries spell "carburetor" slightly differently, but I haven't seen anything indicating a large group or area consistently use this term. I ask because I think it will bother me slightly less if I knew it was generally accepted in some areas the way "carb" is often used. Is this common in Australia or Europe?
Again, not trying to poke a hornets' nest, just would like to know.
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