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Wink Old Red XJ650 Turbo Beater update

Bike torn down to frame and engine w swingarm hangin on....Cylinders tested to 150 psi in 1,3, and 4 with 130psi in #2. Could be the WD40 I sprayed into them for difference in pressures or carbon on a valve in #2? Sprayed WD40 into plug holes because I was worried maybe rings were "welded" by rust to cylinder walls after sitting in a backyard for 11-12 years...rear driveshaft looks perfect inside, seals all good and rubber soft still......took carbs apart, gas turned into a green caking, glue-like substance but float bowls clean, throttle throats clean.even the rubber diaphrams were pliable and soft still--- amazing.....just need to clean out passages and replace jets and float valves....turbo blasted w power washer and came out shiny silver .. Broke all 4 plastic/rubber intake manifolds on engine side due to cracked, hardened plastic as set was worked off cyl head..anyone have a set for sale??? Front forks look like they were right diameter and size for a Honda XR50cc kid's bike, NOT a +600lb turbo lead sled...Have a set of FJ1200 forks on the way.....wish I could load my photos here...suggestions on how to? I have them in documents as JPEGs and every click on photo icon this page gives a URL address option ONLY
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