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This thread is about a true DIY Build at Home 2WD System for hack outfits and other vehicles. This thread was intended to show an original design for DIY 2WD on sidecar rigs.

I reviewed all the other options. None of those other ideas even come close, not within miles of providing what this design offers.

1] COST: Lowest by far, a couple of $100 not $1,000's!

2] Simplest of all known designs.

3] Ultra-Lightweight configuration, could easily be under 25 lbs total.

4] True DIY: Ease of building all components yourself at home.

5] Only 1 machining operation required: splines.

6] Extreme strength suitable for any horsepower and torque range.

7] Useable on any sidecar-trike or vehicle with 2 wheels that can be driven.

8] Works on any motorcycle ever built if a simple jackshaft PTO is added.

9] No limitations on Track Width - 18" to 18', doesn't matter, custom fit.

10] Simplest to adjust or repair on the road, most others not repairable on road at all.

11] Simplest to completely disconnect on the road, most others can't be disco'd on road.

12] Extreme Reliability through basic simplicity, fool-proof design with very few parts.

13] Absolute minimum wearing or possibly failing parts.

14] Absolute minimum moving parts.

15] Easily and quickly adjustable for ANY desired traction advantage up to locked rear.

16] No high-priced MANUFACTURER ONLY parts.

17] No parts destined to become obsolete.

18] Parts pricing structure not controlled by Manufacturer or Sales network.

19] No 'Proprietary' Manufactured parts.

20] No complicated and expensive parts, gears, doo-dads etc.

21] Every single part easily carried onboard as a spare.

22] Traction advantage may be changed in minutes or seconds.

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