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Originally Posted by Geeto67 View Post
People forget cafe racer was a derrogatory term at one time for the real racers to make fun of the poseurs (according to my old timer dad and his buddies who lived the whole "rocker" era).
Geeto at advrider? What's the world coming to?!?!?! Haven't seen you at that other site for a while...

Anywhos, maybe things are just coming full circle and "cafe racer" will become a put down again? I think it already has in some circles.

I don't mind some of the stylistic builds, I mean, my 160 wasn't built to be fast. And yes, I do have other bikes if I want to go fast. I built it for the look (and to use in 'giro events). And now that I typed that I realize when I had the bike down at Barber I rode it WFO most of the time*** and lived for passing other bikes (made it by some big twins on the road to the track!) so nevermind.

I do mind the rat bike looking POS bikes that newbies are building out of solid old bikes though. Since when is it cool to TRY to make something look ratty? If the bike has earned th elook honestly through many years of use, that's one thing. But to hack something up just to make it look rough, not my thing. At least TRY to make it look nice fer cripesakes you hacks... and for cripe sakes don't do something that makes it look broken.

*** The fact no one else could tell it was WFO is beside the point...

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