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a quiet breakfast

behind the Hotel

this time we got off late enough again - Birol was stuck in Facebook (I like books without faces)

on the highway again, no time for the potentially lovely Bosnian roads

wanting to use the bathroom, but the tourist bus was faster

we'd follow suite those guys in the background

a grey day on the grey anyway Slavonian plain

by chance we met a friend, colleague and customer (of Birols wokshop)

he had rammed some monument in Edirne, but most of the damage had been quickly repaired; some of the drive-train damage only yesterday, though

we had some coffee at this station

nice view

and on we go

deja vue

direction Austria; at least after 25 years the Slovenes have now some roads to show for the exorbitant tolls they charge

already on the Austrian side; Birols headlight had become loose in the fairing. Good we had enough of the universal spare - wire

On the croatian side of the border there had been quite a queue, but no one protested, when we passed between the lines of cars and trucks. Not the first time that it had come handy to ride a former police bike.

Outside the Gleinalm-Tunnel in Austria. As it was late - as usual - we stayed on the highway with it's toll-tunnels, and where caught in the next one - it closed down partially for cleaning at 8 p.m - we arrived at 08:03

one hour wait - arriving home and having at least a beer with my brother

I'm not much in form today and call it quit's; tomorrow evening I have to attend a reception, but maybe I can do something at the office after work hours.

I had promised roadside repairs - believe me, they will come, and some spectacular at that.
We are now at my parents place, a long days ride from the meeting.

a few glimpses

what Birol did I will explain later but Dad couldn't believe we would ride with such dirty plates.The good and honest man had never seen how Turkish Sports Bike Riders mount their plates

and Birol found an Airhead-Harley

and smiles that had come back after a -then - somewhat long time

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