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the world is ending....did you not get the memo?

Been here for a while as a lurker but when I dragged home the R80RT I signed up. I needed a semi-decent BMW forum and to be honest the others bugged me.

Needed a break from the endless stream of "how do I put clubmans on my cb175" newbie question on the "other" site ( It wasn't fun to be a blowhard all the time, and the fashion of cafe racers means that site it less USCRA/WERA/AHRMA racers and more dickbags wanting to know how to install bumstop seats on non running cb360s (because it ALWAYS makes sense to fix the cosmetics before you have it running).

A cleanly built bike will always have an audience. I may hate small motorcycles but I see so few good restorations on one it is hard to hate one when it is so pretty, even if it was done just for looks. That is kinda what always bugged me about carpy's bikes - they were mostly terrible shitpiles of fail with 16" rear wheels and more checkerboard than a cracker barrel tablecloth but they were at least finished to a high level of polish with nice paint and color combinations. To have that shitpile AND have it look fauxtina ratty - yer doin it wrong. To be honest I don't think the average homebuilt cafe racer is intentionally ratty - I think that the builders (and I use that term loosely) are just trying to force that square peg through the round hole so hard it is shredding the edges.
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