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Originally Posted by Steve G. View Post
So, I originally welcomed the new 'cafe racer' fad with much relief. Yes, relief that is was a signal that the chopper fad was crawling back under it's rock where it belongs. But as we all see this fad develop, with magazines comminted to this new thing, I've come to the realization that I'm now done with it.
I'm done with the hacksawed and asbestos wrapped exhaust. I'm done with the cheap clips ons, the cheesy upholstered bumpstop seats. No fenders.
What I'm most pissed about is the stupid prices they're asking for these clatter traps. Guys taking perfectly nice looking 400-4 SS Hondas and doing their own version of a cafe, then asking double what a 400-4 is worth. Guys selling 1/2 finished cafe's of 78 Honda 750's for 5K+!!! And getting it!!!

Rant over.
Why would it piss you off? Those old 400-4s, weren't worth anything 10 years ago, they aren't worth anything now, and they won't be worth anything in the future. Those guys that want all that money for them? They'll own them forever. They're just bikes. I went through the cafe thing in the 70s and 80s, I'm over it, but nostalgia can be blind, and things seem better now than they used to be way back when. They still suck, that's why I've been continually getting better and better bikes for the last 40 years.
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