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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
Why would it piss you off? Those old 400-4s, weren't worth anything 10 years ago, they aren't worth anything now, and they won't be worth anything in the future. Those guys that want all that money for them? They'll own them forever. They're just bikes. I went through the cafe thing in the 70s and 80s, I'm over it, but nostalgia can be blind, and things seem better now than they used to be way back when. They still suck, that's why I've been continually getting better and better bikes for the last 40 years.
Well almost every bike is worthless at some point. I remember when nobody wanted pre OIF triumphs and norton commandos because they were old man bikes. My father tells me all the time about the 427 cobra that the local gas station owner couldn't get rid of in the late 70's.

the cafe thing now isn't the cafe thing you remember. Most are taking bikes now and making them dangreously unsafe and worse handling then they are stock and are then trying to sell them for more than a nice original one would cost. And sometimes they get it. That is what pisses me off and probably pisses steve off as well - that there are a lot of dangerous cobbled together bikes out there that are attracting new riders like honey. These aren't seasoned riders or old timers paying big money for the majority of these bikes - it is 20-somethings that are buying these as their first bikes. I can tell you in brooklyn there is a whole lot of kids who buy these shitbombs, can't get them to work because they are so poorly built, and then dump them and leave motorcycling for good. There is a lot of bad non-community watching out for each other kinda stuff going on in the new cafe scene and it is...well...sad.
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