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Originally Posted by benthic View Post
as someone participating in this cafe racer fad and a new rider, I wanted to chime in. I'm just learning about bikes and wrenching, but what appeals to me about the fad are the aesthetics of a beautifully built "cafe racer". the bmw I'm working on has been a ton of work, and when finished will have the cafe racer "styling", but by many of the definitions put forth here, will not be a cafe racer - I haven't tweaked the engine for top performance, I haven't shaved off every last gram of superflous metal, etc. But it will have an aesthetic that I like. I'm not a racer. I'm fast straight, but have a lot of shyness in the turns, but I can still appreciate a bike that I think is beautiful, and want to own a beautiful bike.
Of course you are drawn to the asthetic, you don't have enough knowledge or experence to understand or appreciate things beyond your eyes. But don't worry you'll get there.

The thing about beautiful bikes is....every race bike is beautiful, but not every chopper or trendy cafe racer is beautiful. With more miles things that you might think are beautiful now might piss you off in the way they function.

Like any good thing this hobby isn't instant. The good stuff comes with time and use.
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