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Thanks for the input.
I am definately planning a smallish fairing, just enough to cover the gauges and headlight and punch a small hole in the wind to keep a bit of it off of my chest. I am getting older and some comfort is nice these days. I am talking about a real Dakar style bike that will be very capable off road, for a 450lb bike anyway, but still have good manners, as good as a 21" wheeled bike can, on the hiway to get me to or from a great ride.

Thanks for that great pic of a very cool bike, other than that discusting sponsor...I HATE smoking. It is SO offensive for me. But other than that I would ride that Suzi till she dies.

Definately not doing a beak unless someone chimes in with some great way that it benefits the bike or the comfort.

I am thinking of a BIG tank, 7-9 gallons, and a nice fork mounted mask, and a high fender that has openings in the rear, basically a supermoto fender. The are not as much of a sail as a full dirtbike style high fender and the rear venting allows air to flow thru for any radiator or oil cooler air flow, but has angled fins to help keep mud from flinging straight up onto your motor or coolers. Think of MX bike radiator fins. But I will keep an open mind to a low fender setup if that still feels like a sail.

Is there a good manufacturer of low front fenders for USD forks? Like a KTM 990 style fender, but not SO expensive.
I will not sacrifice quality or safety for cheap price, but I am very budget oriented and always want a deal if there is a deal to be had. i do alot of my own fab and all of my own welding, carbon or Stainless steel and aluminum and I even can tig Ti, but I doubt I will be using any of that. I need a tubing bender I think, but I do have 2 of them at my availability but they are both about 20 minutes away and only available when the owners are there.

I will start a build thread once I gather most of my parts. My biggest issue right now is airhead or oil head.....I have one of each and am torn on what I want to do. there a ton of Dakar HPN style bikes out there and I prefer conventional forks on those to stick with the era/period correct style. On an oil head build I am not mentally bound to any style or looks. I have a good set of KYB inverted forks and a good front wheel with Excel rim and good spokes. I think that would fit an oil head build better than the airhead. My biggest airhead concern is the rear shock and driveshaft. I can extend the swingarm no problem, but I hear alot of issues with the shaft being welded not being strong unless you friction weld it and even if you get a good strong TIG or MIG weld keeping it straight becomes an issue. Then I am not sure I want to spend $1000-1500.00 bucks for a decent shock. Those are 2 big things I can not do on my own.
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