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Woke up to a fine but steady rain this morning but since it should be a short day no big hurry. We did get loaded up fairly early in case we got a break in the weather.

It's starting to let up. We head for Tiliran and at first the roads were wet but not too bad.

The farther we went the worse they got and the rains came and went all the way.

Then they reallt got nasty.

On hills like this one coming up momentum is your friend. But watch for the work vehicles, trucks, grader, and roller. Wasn't fun meeting them on an uphill, close quarters.

Tammy took all the road shots. She was braver than me not holding on. During the worse parts I had her put away the camera.

There was a few times we stopped for pictures, heres some shots.

In Tiliran we had trouble finding the route to La Fortuna but the firts guy I asked got us there. It had stopped raining and things were looking up. Found a place to stop for coffee and a smoothie.

The guy who waited on us had the book store in here and was fron Pennsylvania and had been here 4 years. Only been back to the states once.

A shot of the lake.

While we were here it rained pretty hard and then let up. Just after we got on our way it started again and rained pretty much all the way to our hotel. A shot of the lane to our cottage. Cool place.

A couple shots of Arenal Volcano.

Don't think I'll get a better shot since it's been pissing down the rain for the last few hours. Don't even want to go outside to go to dinner. Room Service. Hoping for better weather tomorrow for the ride back to San Jose. If the weather sucks I don't think you'll get any pictures but I'll let you know how or ride was.
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