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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
Yeah... What he said.

And I live in deep South Texas. Honestly, I can't for the life of me see how anyone can say the "radiator fan cooks my left leg at stoplights..." I've owned a ton of bikes, both air- and liquid-cooled, and I can recall a bunch that literally *ROASTED* me, and not just at a standstill. OTOH, the Super Ténéré is one of the coolest, least heat-intrusive bikes I've ever owned, and that surprised me given it's literally fully-faired and has two pistons the size of coffee cans banging up around in there. Even when we had temps well into the 100's this past summer I found it comfortable, fan on or not. And that's with full ATGATT or just blue jeans... Doesn't matter.

Besides, even if someone finds what little heat blows on their leg when the fan is on uncomfortable, just how long is it on? 30 seconds? How long is the stoplight?

Crikey! It's a motorcycle... Not a limo.


Ditto for Florida. You wanna cook? Sit at a red light on 95 degree heat and have the fan on a VFR start funneling heat your way - that was warm. The Tenere? No worries whatsoever.
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If you calculated the money spent versus time actually used, vaginas cost more per hour than the space shuttle.
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