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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Glad to hear it held up ok. I seriously want a Symba, but I went and looked at them 3-4 times, and as the PO of a 1982 Honda Passport, the Symba just doesn't seem as well made. I'm also keeping an eye out for a vintage Passport. I know SYM made a lot of Cubs for Honda, but I believe the Passport they sold in the U.S was made in Japan by Honda. I weigh 220 pounds without gear, plus I would have to take along other things, and tools and tubes to fix a few flat tires, which put me very close to the 300 pound weight limit.

Underboning, I finally finished your loooooong ride report. That was amazing. I would have picked small dual sport motorcycles for the trip, but taking the Symbas made it more of an adventure.

I currently have a Vino 125 with almost 25,000 miles on it, which I have ridden on several long trips, and recently bought a Zuma 125, which I just passed 1000 miles on, so now I can start riding it long distance too.
I'm a Honda fanboy for sure, and I was on the hunt for a passport when I decided to get the Symba. I decided that once I found a passport in decent shape, got it all shiny and pretty, and had it making any sort of useful power, I'd have spent more than I would on a Symba. I really would have preferred something with a Honda badge on it, even if it was made by Sym... but now that I have it I wouldn't trade it for any other bike.
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