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Warning- Iím sure that Iíll get some of the timeline wrong. After about 12 hrs on the bike it all just mixes together.

I was surprised that waiting in line at the start I was really relaxed. I kept telling myself to stick to the plan and dont do anything stupid but after leaving the line I couldnít help it and rode a wheelie for a little ways. We dropped into the wash and it was awesome to finally hit dirt and be on the way.

The first 40 miles went by pretty quick and I was really glad I preran the start. There were tons of people trying to get you to go the wrong way and signs switched around.

The first time I would see some of my chase crew (well Crosscountryís chase crew that he sent my way when he decided to puss out ) was going to be around mile 150. When I got to the pit it was awesome to see the guys and they immediately asked what I needed and if the bike needed anything. The bike was in good shape and all I needed was some food. So after some grub and some bullshitting I was off.

The san felipe section had been the driving force getting me out of bed and into the gym. I was really worried that after all the whoops I would be whooped with not enough to make it the final 800+ miles. I decided to look for alternate lines in the cactus as much as possible to avoid some whoops and it worked pretty well. A few miles on the main track then off into the cactus for a few. I was keeping a nice steady pace and was having a blast. Once I hit old poticitos rd I slowed because the last thing I needed was to wreck in the rocks. It didnít seem like long, I hit the pavement and started laughing at how good I felt. I was so worried about being spent and I felt like I had just gone for one of our sunday rides... I guess the gym does work.

Next thing I knew I was at Cocoís corner. This would be my first crash and hopefully it was entertaining. I went through the pits and made the turn toward the check and caught a rock with the rear wheel. A swap or two ended in a low side. The guys at the check made sure I was ok and off I went. When I was picking up my bike I realized what RM I was at and it looked like the sun was getting low so after the check I decided to pick up the pace and make sure I got to my chase crew with the sun still up.

When I came into the pit I pulled my front brakes and there was nothing there. My chasers flagged me down and immediately went to work putting my lights on, changing the air filter and working on my front brake. Kanook already filled everyone in on the front brake issue but it wasnít as bad as he says. It was a long pit but who would look for front brake pads missing? We all thought it was air in the line and low fluid. They got the bike going filled me full of food and off I went.

From the start to rm348 I had a hell of a good time. :)
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