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Physical abuse

Originally Posted by VFR View Post
Good Grief!!! I just finished reading your last years report. I have a couple of friends that are headed over there in Jan. They have no clue what they are in for.....

However--I'm for sure in for this report.
Hey VFR, Cambodia is a wonderful place for a bunch of blokes to do bikes and beer...they will enjoy it for sure!

Back from the physio. Susan broke the spasm’d knot and possibly even the whole shoulder. I admire that girls fervour and dedication to her task... Susan would be disqualified as a sumo wrestler for having an unfair natural advantage. She would have ended the Second World War in no time at all. Yes I gave up all my secrets without her even asking. She started out by applying some kind of acid to my back. I assume this was to assist her next effort which was to scrape away my skin with some sort of torture instrument. When the offending muscle was finally revealed she removed it, pummeled it into submission and then returned it to my frail body. Just to make sure it understood who was boss she applied some more of the acid stuff to the open carcass. But all that paled into pleasant insignificance when she started on the underside of my feet...
Brian says that this type of injury is quite common amongst those who do not drink enough beer. Something to do with keeping the muscles in a permanent state of relaxation. 7 hours to departure – will listen to the clever man and start drinking immediately.
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