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Originally Posted by Grreatdog View Post
In this country XT and TT are two entirely different bikes. The TT here was a competition offroad bike that was not street legal and very different than our XT. We did not get the TT models that are imported to other countries.

Our XT uses a half CV monstrosity of a carb that is EPA jetted so lean the bike will barely run. There is no float height setting in the manual. You have to buy or a make a special Yamatool and adjust the fuel level through the float drain with the carb on the bike and assembled.

It is pure trial and error with each error requiring disassembly and reassembly to test. The slightest error and the bike either leaks fuel or won't run. Trust me, it is a bitch to do.
My understanding is the XT350 and TT350 share the same engine and carbies with variations in jetting, don't know about the cams but I suspect differences in valve timing also.

If the Clymer manual has the fuel height at 6.0mm +/- 0.5mm then the float height setting for a bench adjustment is as I've suggested. Please yourself on the bench adjustment procedure I've outlined for the twin floats. Maybe there's something to that old saying about Great Dogs and new tricks
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