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What a fucking joke! It has taken over 2 bloody hours for which I'm paying for to up load 10 bloody photo's to my SmugMug.

But If I don't go through smugmug I can't then put them up on ADV!

And I'm paying $40 pa to be a member of Smugmug!


Anyway lets see how it goes.

Start of Dansey Pass

starting to climb

Drizzling rain,like tis almost of the day

The northern end/start of the Hakata

Top of the Pass looking back south, which I had just come through, some bloody bastard had pinched the sign

But things were looking good the way I was heading

Monument to Mckenzie, it is faded, but I think he might have been a bushranger, it seems to say he was captured here, but escaped the same night. I'll do some research. Generally it was those types who knew the land.

Heading to Arthurs Pass,after the fog.

BTW that black clump in the middle of the road is not a vehicle, its a group of trees as they do down here, to provide protection from the wind. I try to take photo's without other influences, but my camera couldn't distinish it, strange!

Final photo's coming over Arthur's Pass

and into the Westland, or should that be the Wetland

Hope you enjoyed, have lots more but Smugmug is not being kind. I say that politley so as not to really piss her off.
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