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I'd agree - full camo on the T25/2 crew is needed (or at least you have camo and are building up to 100% camo on all crew members). And it's not just needed there - if you even try moving up without camo into the T-28 Proto, you're going to have a hell of a time.

I"m seeing a 380 view range for a 100% commander on the 25/2, so with binocs that should be about a 475 view range... and that's pretty good. Keep in mind that binocs don't work until after 3 seconds from coming to a full stop. If you're moving too much you won't see them, but they will eventually see you.

I used to use my 25/2 in Maliknovka Assault 'Defense' battles by placing it on the knoll at E 8/9 (close to the D/E line), and spot a lot of enemy coming up. With 100% camo, and a camo net, I could spot well enough, and sometimes could get away with shooting and still not get seen. Had some of my best 25/2 games from that spot.

And if there are multiple bushes in between you and them, you may not see them at all. Ideally you want one bush between you and what you're spotting, or if others are lighting them up then multiple bushes so you can just see the outlines to shoot at, but hopefully won't get seen yourself.
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