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Tech questions

Hey All --

So, I'm starting to get myself sorted, and get mechanically familiar with the SMR. I've started browsing the OC Hall of Wisdom, and Orange Crush.

There doesn't seem to be a better place to start with some simple questions than here.

Ok... To start: One of my first projects is to make sure the carbs are synced. I've never had a carbureted bike, so bear with me. My purpose is to get to the bottom of my craptastic fuel economy. (20-25 mpg city. )

So, I ordered one of these:

Seems straight-forward enough. Remove the tank, open the airbox. Stick one of these on the intakes and compare the numbers. Correct?

A couple questions:

1. How do you recommend getting fuel to the bike with the tank off? Keep in mind, I'm working in my backyard (no garage). I'm thinking, tank up on some elevated surface, and route the necessary hoses and power to the pump, right? Is there a better way?

2. If I want to get a quick check of the carb flow, can I just leave the filter element in?

3. Service manual says to check at idle. Some folks also check at some running RPM. The 950 SMR doesn't have a tach. Other than ballparking based on sound, is there a way to more precisely know the RPMs?

I do know a previous owner installed some sort of "jet kit" so I'm assuming some aspect of the job was botched. My thinking is to start with a basic carb balance and continue from there if necessary. Does that sound right?

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