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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
if I'm hiding in a bush, I try to keep it down to 1 as it drops my fps down so low it's impossible to be smooth with aiming. So even when i can't see another 25/2 across the map, he is shooting me. Which brings up another question - if I can see their name and tank tag, but can't get a green arrow in the scope to shoot at anywhere near them, how are they able to blast me? are they shooting at my name only?

which leads to

no doubt about it.
Nice thing about the 25/2 is that I rarely lose money despite getting hammered all the time. I've learned to really hate open maps now with any tank due to arty. I must have a sign on my turret that says 'shoot me first' cuz if there is a pack of 5 roaming around, it's a safe bet I'm the target

There's a setting in the video settings that affects the view range. Lower the graphics detail, but these other two settings need to be at the max. Forget what they're called....
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