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I was having the same problem with the 25/2. 100% crew camo, net and binocs should have made it an invisatank, but It just wasn't working out that way. I switched my commander from 100% cammo to sixth sense with a secondary in recon and it helped quite a bit. I put camo paint on it recently. I feel that makes up for the missing cammo skill on the commander.

With 6th sense, I discovered 1 of my problems. I was exposing myself too much when shooting. With the decent rate of fire of the 90mm the and the camo net reset time, I was exposing myself every 5 seconds.
I relocate more often now, and have slowed down my rate of fire for the most part. I also move back farther from the bushes so that they don't go invisible when I shoot.
If it's a city map, I just drive around and blow shit up.
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