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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
WTF? Braking can be measured and is not subjective but is objective. Even riding any bike (not Sportster hating here) as an "old standard" there will be times when good brakes are required.

He asked "How are the brakes?". To me that meant comparatively in regards to whether or not the bike can be safely ridden without having the fear of death put into you. I wasn't trying to debate stopping distances. I was merely trying to point out that the brakes are fine if ridden with the mindset that these bikes are NOT abs equipped sport tourers but more reminiscent of older standards like the CB750,etc. (my Sportster stops way better than my CB) and if ridden as such the brakes work fine. "Good brakes" is subjective, it just depends on what your idea of "good" is , who is actually riding the bike, where it is being ridden and how. To be clear even two up with a loaded bike I have always felt in control when braking and have never needed better brakes even when running through the twisties or panic stopping. If we are going to compare them to the brakes on a bike like a new ABS equipped ZX14 it can be said that they are not good.
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