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Originally Posted by Birdmove View Post
If you don't mind the shortened XLs, you might take a look at the "Superlow". It comes with radial tires and some nice radial wheels, and a bigger 4.5 gallon tank.
I love the looks of the 48, Iron, Nightster, etc, but after riding the two that I owned, I don't know if I could live with a Sportster that shoots showers of sparks in the corners..

This makes no sense to me. You are saying "take a look at the "Superlow" that has 24.7 lean to the right and 24.4 to the left then in the next setence you state that the 48 (XL1200X) and the Nightster (XL1200N) throw sparks.

The XL1200X 48 has 27.8 right lean (deg) / 26.1 Left
The XL1200N Nightster has 29 degree right and 30 Left available lean.

STAY away from the Super Low IMO. It is a bike that should not be marketed to new riders.

The XL883N has a seat that is only .5 inches taller and it actually turns!
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