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Originally Posted by Hill Climber View Post
Hi Mark
I've been using this program for a couple of years now and make great use of it.
I'm by no means an expert with this program, but I don't think there's any way to add/delete tracks once on your gps.

One possibility may be that you have to create a few images on separate SD cards and carry them with you. Does your 276C have the ability to have more than one gmapsupp or gmapprom? With the units that have that ability, you name the images: GMAPPROM.IMG for the primary mapset GMAPSUPP.IMG for the second, and GMAPSUP2.IMG for the third mapset (Internal mapsets only) If on an SD card, they would be GMAPSUPP1.IMG, GMAPSUPP2.IMG etc.

Hill Climber------when I refered to the deleting-----------I was thinking everytime I made a map image and it added it to the map pull down menu in mapsource it would keep adding them to the list when i made new ones---and I'd end up with a very long pull down map menu. However I have since found that is not true------------ever time you make a map image and put it in mapsource it puts it in the map pull down menu but erases what was there before. So it's no problem.

You other question confuses me ????---but that's easy to do I can load multiple maps in the 276's data card------as many as I want as long as I don't exceed the cards data size.
I did carry multiple data cards one time---and that was when I went to Alaska. I covered a lot of ground on that trip and had all kinds of stuff loaded on multiple data cards.

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