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Such small changes really add up in the grand scheme of things for lap time. With that video its easy to see why the team with Adrian Newey has had the dominant car for the past 3 seasons. Even though they were a bit slow at the beginning of 2012 without the old blown diffuser he just made up for it in other ways. A cheating flexi front wing is only a tiny portion of what made the RB8 so fast. Its the small changes made to the entire car that add up to seconds per lap. I'm sure there were hundreds of other changes Ferrari made that the video didn't show. Even with more open rules you'd see the same thing once they start tweaking on their base setup.
I don't doubt there are valid technical reasons for the changes and incremental performance improvements as a result. I just take a dim view of hundreds of millions of dollars being spent for such vanishingly small returns, given the reality that all of this nibbling around the aerodynamic margins doesn't improve on-track competition (and in fact hampers it), the financial costs require the sport to sell its soul to the moneymen to finance the development, and encourages the application of meddlesome DRS-type gimmicks used to carry on the charade.

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