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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post
It is neither cocked nor locked. The striker is not cocked far enough to set off a primer by the cycling of the action. Without PULLING THE TRIGGER, it does not become cocked, if the trigger is released before reaching the point at which the pistol fires-the striker returns to it's partially cocked condition and lacks the energy to fire. Very few striker fired guns have manual safeties to LOCK, if they are locked-you can NOT pull the trigger to cock them.
The whole family of striker fired Glocks and their copies (XDs, M&Ps, etc.) are designed so that (lacking a major mechanical failure) they can't fire without the trigger being depressed. The deficient safety device is 99.99% of the time located between the operator's ears.

I wasn't aware that all of those weapons were DAO (double action only). I never owned a Glock, because they don't fit my hand well. That makes me doubt the competence of that accidental misfire LEO even more, since DAO pistols require a significant trigger stroke before discharge. I can see accidentally touching the trigger in a dark theater if he was being careless, but grabbing the gun in a firing grip hard enough to move the trigger half an inch is beyond careless. He is a correctional officer at a local prison, so I doubt his weapon is part of his daily routine.

It is disconcerting how many people put their finger straight on the trigger when shouldering a rifle. I work with kids, and we shoot BB guns with hair triggers. No matter how many times I tell them to keep off the trigger, 2 out of 10 will fire a BB before they even look through the peep sights (I'm standing right there, so the BB hits near the target at least). Ready or not, that was their turn shooting, so their actions do have consequences. I always compliment the kids that keep their finger straight until they are on target.
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