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Originally Posted by FishHunt View Post
I have a naked/standard/sport tourer myself. It is a 2000 ZR-7 with factory GIVI/Kawasaki racks and side cases with cheap Emgo top case.
I liked my ZR7, but the Nightawk was better. The Kawasaki had marginally better handling and braking, but the Honda was smoother, felt just as fast, was more comfortable, got better fuel mileage, and required far less maintenance. If they still sold an air-cooled CB750 in the states, I would buy another one.

Originally Posted by bogey78 View Post
My next bike purchase will most likely be an FZ6. I like the looks of the stock fairing and plan on keeping it stock and maybe trying a few different screens. Can I ask how tall you are? I'm short and generally have no problems on stock bikes with wind turbulence. Even my old weestrom that seems to annoy everyone was not a problem for me in stock form. So, how tall are you and did you try any aftermarket screens.
I'm about 5-foot-8 with a 32-inch inseam. I never tried any aftermarket screens because I planned this naked conversion from the beginning. The stock screen shot a jet of air directly into my faceshield; the windblast was unbearable without earplugs and irritating with.

The FZ6 is an "okay" bike, but I would get something else if I had to do it over again. Here's my old review right after I bought it this spring:
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